Hi there,

It’s been only five days since we launched centriphone.me and we wanted to share with you how things are evolving. Let us begin by thanking you for showing early interest in the concept!

Open source: sharing is caring
The open-source community was apparently thrilled to see that the Centriphone file was made available for free. We’re expecting great inputs through the Centriphone GitHub page and we invite you to jump on board if you feel like you can add something to the current state of the project.

The pre-orders for the ready-to-use versions have started! Nicolas himself just gave a visit to our production partner Actis-Datta yesterday. Here are two pictures he sent an hour ago that give you a sneak peak at the current prototype of the Centriphone for iPhone 6 and 6S. Tests on the GoPro version (Centripro) should take place no later than next week.

That’s it for this first week, If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact us: info@centriphone.me

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