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Product development is hectic

You probably noticed that we’ve been awkwardly silent over the last couple of weeks. It’s more than time to give you a much deserved update. We’ve come to realise that there was a huge difference between doing a home-made working prototype and crafting a commercially viable product.

We had to rethink the product from the ground and had quite some iterations on the product development side, especially for the GoPro design. We’ve tried out many designs but the tests were not satisfying at first. If you don’t know Nicolas, he is sort of a perfectionist and as he is our beta-user, the designers needed to step up their game. Moreover, we faced some challenges regarding the handle and wires. Nicolas initially made his prototype using fishing wires. Adjusting the lengths of these was a long task based on making successive small knots until the device was well balanced, a cumbersome process we hope to simplify. Also, the wires were constantly getting entangled in the early versions.

That’s why we decided to put in more work in the product and come up with a version with a much better user experience than the original. Something you can simply throw in your bag and use on the go. Also, we needed to go through more resistance testing as we really don’t want your iPhone or GoPro to be shattered on the ground.

A glimpse at some of the iterations we went through over the last couple of weeks.

Admit it, your iPhone has never looked so proud than in this little spaceship!

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