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CentriPhone v1.0 is (almost) there

So yeah, we stayed quite silent over the last couple of weeks (read: months). But we're finally able to show some actual images of the very first batch of CentriPhone/CentriPro.

The CentriPhone/CentriPro v1.0

The CentriPhone/CentriPro v1.0 comes in a gorgeous matt black / light gray color combo and features detachable wings. It comes with a ball-bearing handle and wires. A complete user guide comes with the device and explains the “dos and don’ts” about operating the CentriPhone/CentriPro. Unlike most user guides which can be carelessly ignored, we recommend paying good attention to this one... It might look like a simple and harmless device, but spinning a GoPro or an iPhone two meters away from you above your head requires some practice and some carefulness.

Compatibility: iPhone7 and GoPro5?
So yeah let's face it, it took us more time to develop a piece of plastic than it took GoPro and Apple to release a new generation of High Tech devices. But to be honest, we don't really have the same resources... So what now, is the CentriPhone v1.0 compatible with the iPhone 7, respectively is the CentriPro v1.0 compatible with the GoPro5. The answer is... Probably. We haven’t been able to try these devices yet as they were not on the market until very recently, but according to the available information, we are confident about the compatibility with these two devices. We will issue a confirmation about this topic in an upcoming blogpost, hopefully less than half a year from now.

So when will it start shipping?

The final shipping date is set to November 30th. Orders will be treated chronologically and considering we've been having pre-orders since March, new orders could take a few days more.

That’s it for our October news,

Hope you're as excited as we are about this v1.0 If not, it's alright.

The CentriPhone team.

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