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Casey Neistat did it! (sort of)

Hi there,

Just when we thought the Centriphone phenomenon couldn’t get more attention, New-York based Youtube superstar and film maker Casey Neistat decided to give Nico’s idea a try… And he sort of pulled it off in his own way! No offense to Casey, but we still like Nico's original design a little more ;).

This guy is literally the most enthusiastic human being on the planet right now and watching him is a ton of fun. And the best of it all? He got in touch with Nico to get insights and tips directly at the source. Seeing how much fun they had over a Skype call, we can only hope these two will collaborate on something in the near future!

Having no time to make it the Casey-DIY-way? Pre-order the ready-to-use (and obviously much more reliable) version.

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